Welcome to The Berry Man, Inc.

This local Santa Barbara company is owned and operated by Santa Barbara resident Guy De Mangeon. The Berry Man started on a shoestring in 1989, when Guy began selling sweet, succulent local strawberries out of the back of his truck. Going from restaurant to restaurant, starting with a few, the number grew as Guy’s reputation spread. The inventory grew along with his reputation; more and more chefs asked Guy to carry more and more items.

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7 days a week – 363 days a year.

When a chef runs out of something on Sunday morning, who do they call? The Berry Man — Open seven days a week. And if there is a last minute shortage at four in the afternoon before the big banquet, chances are that a salesperson from The Berry Man will be delivering the needed produce to save the day.

From local fields to local kitchens.

Our exceptional geographic location allow The Berry Man, Inc. to provide fresh local produce to local restaurant, school, institution and caterer. An amazing 60 % of our produce are grown in the 75 miles radius of Santa Barbara.

Our People make the difference.

The employees who make up the Berry Man have grown in number over the years — but a surprising number have stayed with Guy since the beginning. In fact, two of Berry Man’s first employees have been here over 25 years. Galdino Ortega is now warehouse manager and Ismael Medina is the company buyer.

 “I take the responsibility of the continued growth and profitability of our company very serious. I never forget for a moment that the success of our company lies in the people that work here. We encourage a friendly work environment that focuses on family first.
By continuing to follow the guiding principles put in place by our Owner and Founder, Guy De Mangeon, over 25 years ago, I am confident that our future is bright”

Les Clark – President